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How to identify a trailer coupling! 

Identifying a trailer coupling is simple when you know how! 

Identifying a braked trailer coupling is extremely important. Not only does it help when replacing a complete coupling, but its important to know the made and model of the coupling when you need to order spare parts like dampers, gators or even coupling heads. 

Braked coupling name plate. 

The best way to identify a coupling is by simply reading the name plate. This is usually located at the back of the coupling either on the top or the side. Sometimes the plate can be partially obscured by the handbrake. 
The most important piece of information you are looking for is the type. The coupling type in this image is a KFG35. You can also see the load rating on this plate, the coupling in this image has a max load of 3500kg 
The next piece of information you need to know if the coupling is a delta coupling or a pole coupling. 
This is very simple to identify. Delta couplings have a triangular shape and fit to an A-frame. Pole couplings are more commonly found on boat trailers, these fit onto box section. 
It is important to note most coupling have a Delta and a Pole coupling version. In most cases the type number is similar, and they use the same parts. For example the pole coupling version of a KFG35 would be a KRV35. These both use the same coupling head, damper and gator. 
Some couplings have both English and European type numbers. For example the Bradley HU12 Coupling could also have the part number EH35. these are both 3500kg couplings that have the same fixing holes, use the same parts, but may look slightly different. These are usually interchangeable. 
My Trailer Parts keep the most common couplings in stock but have the ability to get almost any coupling on the market. If you cant find the coupling you are looking for please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and a member of our team will help you identify the coupling and get the correct one on order. 

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