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How to wire up a 7 pin plug and socket! 

Wiring up a 7 pin plug or socket is easy if you follow this simple guide! 

You could find two different types of 7 pin electric on a vehicle or trailer, these are 7N and 7S. These electrics have very different functions so it is important to wire them up in the correct way. 

7N Plugs and Sockets 

7N Is the most common type of 7 pin electrics. 7N electrics are what control your lights. These plugs and sockets power the following; Indicators, side lights, Fog lights & brake lights. 

7S Plugs and sockets 

7S is not as common as it has been replaced by 13 pin electrics for more modern trailers and caravans. These plugs and sockets power the following; Reverse lamps, Battery charging, 12v supply and Fridges. 

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